Pretty Powerful, Color Codes

  Omg! this is the most amazing thing in the world right now!! Color, color and more color!! I just love being able to express myself in a way that captures all sides of my personality! I especially love it when I can even sneak in a piece or two that I wouldn’t normally find…

Saultry Meets Urban

Saultry Meets Urban by angeline-ramirez featuring bobbi brown cosmetics Denim shirt$15 – Zimmermann ALDO rubber Chloé purses Rosantica gold jewelry$260 – Henri Bendel hair Bobbi brown Lime Crime lipstick$20 –


Vintage-Esque by angeline-ramirez featuring mary jane shoes Anna October crop top$505 – MANGO mary jane shoes$18 – Mellow World purses Michael Kors gold OPI nail polish$16 –

Passion Paradise

Passion Paradise by angeline-ramirez featuring a red sleeveless dress Elie Saab red sleeveless dress$670 – Gianvito rossi White cross body purse$11 – Yves saint laurent jewelry$475 –

Sophisticated Chic

Sophisticated Chic by angeline-ramirez featuring a lace crop top Lace crop Louche high waist skirt$36 – Sergio Rossi high heeled Gold Vine Temporary Clear Nail

Life Re-Examined

I learned something about myself and it was pretty amazing. I had a conversation with a friend about life and future plans. It was gathered around having children and what that looked like for the both of us. They said they had a plan and it consisted of them saving money and being financially stable…

The Percentage Factor

‪#‎FinancialFreedomFriday PERSONAL FINANCE IS 80% BEHAVIOR AND ONLY 20% HEAD KNOWLEDGE. This says it ALL!! Making good on the promises you made to yourself regarding your money is the key and the ticket outta debt and onto savings and investing in your financially free future today and not Someday or one-day down the line. I…

Dominion by Penelope Grace

Holding the book in my hands was an experience in itself, especially the cover art. I was really excited to delve into it just for the simple fact that it seemed to speak to me on so many different levels. Also, like with most things, it transported me to the time I read Angels and…

Learn to Love what You Hate!

Have you ever been at a blank space in your life? Not quite limbo but yet you’re yearning for something that is literally right around the corner and if you just knew what it was that would throw you over the edge you’d be on to something great? Well that’s where I currently am and…

My Input on Taming Student Debt

My highlights on the full article I found while scrolling the Transamerica’s FB page! Good Read regarding Taming Student Debt!! Every College Students, Need to know!

A Little Help for Your Friends

You have no idea how important this is. As humans we are so complex and we are not particularly known to spread all of our business into one person. Or at least if you know how to do it right you are not thrusting your precious heart across the universe on a regular basis. As…

Transformed Living

So I was in a little bit of a car accident this past Wednesday and my photo choice sums it up pretty well. I survived! It was more scary than anything as I was shaking a little in my car afterwards. It all happened so fast really. I was coming off the ramp to transfer…