Kindness Acts at Random

In life we get caught up in the hum drum of our day and that’s acceptable to a certain extent. I mean while robots are a thing of the future and would probably make doing my laundry and washing those dishes in my sink disappear much faster than I could ever get away with; (considering the amount of utensils being used by one individual in the history of singe people), some things are better left to good old fashion sincere address. Honestly, I’d take that hand written Birthday Card or Party Invitation over an E-vite any day! And while Store bought cake is gorgeous there is just something warm and cozy about a homemade pastry filled with TLC that hits the spot like no other.

Furthermore, I think that with all this technology, we have learned to escape from the pleasures of voices vs. texts and computerized fonts over handwriting (or its equivalent – penmanship). Before you go off on a tangent telling me how some people’s writing skills are unbearable to look at; there is some sort of connection with that person that you only get from a hand written letter…

 I know what you’re thinking; ‘I’m a writer so I like that kind of thing’ but tell me that you don’t get the least bit excited when you receive a letter that’s not ANOTHER bill in a fun envelope with your best friends’ signature chicken scratched on it. #Lol, the joke is funnier when you can see the twinge of laughter about to spring on your comrades face and the sarcasm in the text is much more detectable when you hear the determination behind it in your crazy sisters voice!

That being said, I present to you a little thank you letter I wrote to a friend of mine. I am sharing it with you because I think that it is something that we don’t see often. And thanking someone publicly (on your FB timeline, Tweet shout out, in a text, or at a gathering) is an awesome feeling. Even asking for someone’s forgiveness in a manner of open display; you are showing your character, that you learn from your mistakes and are able to move forward, in some cases whether they forgive you or not. That person can view your apology as sincere and from the heart. It’s hard to put yourself out there not just in front of your friends, but in front of an audience.

And a letter doesn’t have to be all complicated and super formal. Showing your gratitude for another person doesn’t have to be a stressful situation or even consist of a letter (after all writing might not be your forte). So bake a cake, Share that recipe your aunt has been nagging you about or loan your little sister that top she’s been eyeing in your closet; better yet take out the garbage your mom keeps complaining about without her asking! Believe me gratitude and humility go a long way, for both you and the other person.

Well here’s my letter: and remember while reading it that sometimes public displays of affection or kind exhibits of any nature can really make someone else’s moment because while it’s great to have them in the good times; it’s beneficial to have something to hold onto in the darker ones as well!

Be that person in someone’s life and don’t be afraid to show them how you feel, publically OR privately!

Hey Doll,

 I just want to say thank you for being who you are! And because you are that person you have helped to reignite a flame in me that has been dead for some time. I forgot my passion. I had left it on the side of the road to rot and now because of you and your want and desire to start your own business (and allowing me to partner up with you) I have found that I want to start doing the things that once made me exceptionally happy; the things that I didn’t have to fight for or second guess; those things that just came naturally. I have started my blog and I am ready to kick ass with it full force! As well as start this business we were talking about and planning for just a few weeks ago.

So this message is to help reignite the flame in you! I know you are going through a scary rough, unchartered time and I want to be supportive and there for you as needed. In addition, I want to be your 50-50 and if you need sometimes your 80-20. So let’s get this amazing party started! You have a beautiful little girl that you are looking to take the best care of regardless of your situation and what comes of it. If it lasts you’ll have this business and if it doesn’t: YOU’LL HAVE THIS BUSINESS!!! This is great in both cases #winning! I know you want Italia to have the option to go to college and for you to be able to pay for her to do so (out of pocket-fuck student loans) and give her the things her heart desires and to move your life in a newfound direction so let’s make this happen for you and for the both of us! I’m even willing to be a silent partner if that’s what you decide or we can go in 50-50…it’s up to you!

On that note, I came in the house and rushed to the office because I was itching to get started on this new project and journey that we are on in our lives. I have never done this btw which gives me the feeling that I AM READY to finally MAKE THOSE CHANGES I CONSTANTLY TALK ABOUT. We have plenty of time to do this and no excuses to hold us back any longer! Yeah we may be off to a late start but if we hold on to that then we’ll never move forward.

I am ALL IN!

Are you with me???



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