Nursery Swap!: Switch out Pink and Blue for something fresh and new!

The one thing I feel we lose as adults is our uncanny ability to be transparent. We are no longer fearless, nor do we take risks. We misplace our imaginative behaviors and find fault in our stars. We become jaded and far less curious and are left with regret, remorse and ridicule of who we once were. I remember jumping off the end of the couch with my cover cape knowing (not thinking) I could fly and when I crashed, yes I cried and it hurt (a lot) but what I didn’t  do is give up or give in. I became stronger and braver and more precise and in the end I rose above! I conquered the lava between the couch and the recliner and I was crowned undefeated!

And so the adventure begins…and it doesn’t have to be the normal stuffy pink and blue that most women cling to when inviting their new bundle of joy to the scene of an exciting journey.  Who are department stores and TV lands to tell us that we should fit into a box of stereotypical nurseries? Don’t you remember being a kid? I would stay up for hours fighting magical dragons and sailing mystical ships or living in vintage castles with hidden doorways or get lost in a book or two or three and be the ruler of lands just beyond my reach. And that was all in a few hours time, but if you haven’t had this luxury in childhood than why not bring the whimsical back for your little girl or boy with all the courageous fantastical wonderment that is you, now.

As a creative individual I thrive off the impulsive outside the envelope ideas. I am all about leaving my signature on something that when seen, can be identified only as something I would have produced. And with your nursery designs shouldn’t they emulate who you are to your child? Should they not be a place you want to enter proudly? Should they not be set up for maximum use and exploration? With that I want to highlight a new model of what a nursery can be, rather than should be.

It’s all Relative. Looking into Gender Neutral vs. Gender specific Nurseries there are a lot of reasons to make your room gender neutral and it’s not just because you’ve decided to keep the sex of the baby under wraps. Maybe yellow is just your favorite color OR you cringe at the sight of a pink! room or the mere thought of basic blue. How about you use your favorite color or something you and your significant other can decide on and then let baby October find out what color she loves most when the time comes?

Even still there is always this stereotype that girl’s rooms should be flowers and rainbows (or Disney Princess themed) andboy’s rooms should be all trucks and animals (or sports themed); well I am here to tell you that that isn’t so.  As a parent if you like to travel or love astrology and want to give that gift to your little boy then by all means have at it, and if you grew up a tom boy and want nothing but tea parties and dress up to be a part of your daughter’s life that’s okay too. The idea here is not to think that every child’s space has to consist of the basic pink and blue norm but can be broadened by taking a small risk.


Taking another step further I’d like to invite mom and dad into the space. Of course it is Alexis and Alex’ room but I do think that it is our parents who spend the most time changing, feeding, entertaining and loving us in there at the beginning of our lives so why not allow them a piece of our space? I say make this room a place you want to come to as well. Bring in your favorite chair for reading or cuddling time and add a bookshelf with some of your choice books to stay amused. But don’t stop there, really consider those frilly and froufrou baby themes that caught your eye while waiting for your newest addition; are you really going to be able to stomach that once they arrive? I’m being honest, not hurtful in the choices made by us irrational beings. We often want what’s best for others and rarely think of ourselves, but remember, you will be spending the majority of your time in this room loving and caring for this child. My advice is making sure it’s a good fit for all of you! And that means Dad too, lol; does he really want to be in a room doused in fairy dust and tiaras before it becomes absolutely necessary? On the other hand as women we tend to adapt well in any situation so boys stuff works for us too…I’d say we’re pretty easy to please!

Next up…

Themes. Give your baby something to grow into allowing for the transition of your child once they get older. This way you are able to remove the baby elements from the room and swap them for more grown up pieces (see decorative ideas). I mean who isn’t a fan of the crib that is changeable into three different sizes (crib, daybed w/protection rails, and full size bed). As well give your child a theme you and, eventually they, won’t get tired of as quickly. A lot of time and effort goes into creating an ideal space for your prince and princess so opt for longevity. I’ve listed a few themes thatpeaked my interest.Airplanes, Hot Air Balloon Whimsy, Nautical, Shabby Chic or a Contrasting Color Scheme, but by all means check out Pinterest for other wildly inspired suggestions.



Keep it simple with Decorative Ideas. There is no need for a ton of decorative items in this space. Make fun with the pieces that are most valuable in the room already. For example; the changing table, the top of a dresser, a couple book shelves/shelves, an accent wall (painted or otherwise), possibly a toy chest and a chair for comfort and ease.

When figuring out where to find these items shop the thrift store,garage sales, and your own home, even ask your family members or friends if you can rummage through their basements or garages to use things they have long forgotten about. They’re not using it anyway and besides it almost saves them from getting little Julia or Tyler a gift…I said almost lol! And by all means repurpose old furniture to use in the room. Your baby will not be a baby forever and buying furniture specifically for them is pointless really. With adult furniture not only are you forward thinking (giving your child something they can grow into like we discussed earlier), but you are maximizing your space! Let’s be honest, those baby drawers are for Disney characters, not for all the needs of a vastly growing young lady or gentleman!

As well you want to pay attention to the colors you decide to use in your nursery. Don’t go psycho and paint the whole room cotton candy pink and fluff it up with a bunch of pink accessories. In my opinion it’s probably best to do an accent wall. Not only is it easier to change when desired but it doesn’t overwhelm you. There is nothing like going on impulse and then regretting it later once the baby has arrived…no time to even think about changing it then!


How to help with the use of color in your space? Maximize by using accent pieces to liven up the room. Bring color, life and personality to your babies dwelling with pillows, mobiles, accent pieces, painted furniture and wall décor. This produces less hassle and is easy to change in and out! Chalkboard paint, for example, is a good idea on one wall to list baby schedules and later use for when they are old enough to draw on the walls (which makes you an even happier mommy knowing you can erase it without batting an eye). Better yet, section off the bottom half of the room with crown molding and paint with chalkboard paint so that it is heighted to fit your child’s expressive wishes.

At the end of the day it’s okay to want blue or pink for your precious gifts, we see it every day at birthday parties and baby showers and there is nothing wrong with that. However I am just offering a little banana magic to your everyday typical PB&J, opening the tiny door in the middle of the room where the fairies live and taking you back to a time when just like Alice you would have unquestionably taken a curious bite out of the cake with the tag that said “eat me”. However, our thought process is obscured as adults and it is a disservice…so how can we get back to restoring that inner child in us once more? Develop a place in your space moms and dads that speak to the gleam that took you Where the Wilds Things Are!

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