The Remake

To be me is who I be

Without taking away, adding to, only restoring my integrity

I’m not perfect nor do I choose to be

My only command is I wish to be seen

No longer in your eyes

Or the false reality

I’ve allowed, created or lead you to believe

We scream from invisible ledges

On top high rises


Then turn around and be the advocate for those who

Bully them, they, it, he and she

You may not see it

And neither do we

What is good, wrong, right…

What should and shouldn’t be

Yet still run rackets

On stories and eliminate the possibility to create

I stand in the gap for those whose desire it is to


a breakthrough much more focused in being present

With binds slashed free due to a new awakened


Do not be misled in my struggle for completion

An upward hill climb

Hooks, nails, rot; you, me only waiting for expected deletion

of self, the dream, the bigger picture of your mission

Because every day in every moment

Is a remake of my self vision

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