Forgive Me

I didn’t mean to put you in a box

I wanted you to be more

or maybe you wanted me to feel less

Either way we both have nothing to gain

therefore from this moment forward i renew my vows to you

But especially to me

I vow to love you


For who you are or aren’t

For all that is right

and wrong in you

In all your true

and false statements

Besides what you will and

wont do

Who am I to

judge you

It was my mistake for

not seeing

All you wanted me

to grasp


I put a cover over

Tucked in edges

Creased wrinkles

and smoothed out

the belligerent actions

towards me from the past

I cut your circulation


Believing it would


Help you in becoming

this stagnant never changing

version of my mask

I lost the battle

while failing miserably

at the war

leaving only me



and forlorn

I caused me emotions

that ultimately gave you


I dressed you up

slapped a label on

And took you out to


In a split second

I displayed anger

No consideration on your


Betrayal, sadness, and regret

even though I molded

your frame

So I apologize

Forgiving me or not

its none of my concern

Where the

sidewalk ends

the last page turned

it is not YOU,

who let these bridges burn

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