Fashion Revamp!

So I went window shopping with my girl Sandra the other day and I came across some really great finds! For starters I just have to say that I love clothes, as if I could express that enough, but I am also partial to all things fashion. Don’t have a clue as to what I am referring to?? Well let me enlighten you, you sad fashion deprived race…that includes jewelry, hand bags, shoes even make-up…all those things that make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Oops I mean pretty…lol! Okay maybe that just me but whatevs.

Now Upon browsing for my upcoming photo shoot with the amazing Toma of Toma Houston Photography I wanted to go in best dressed. I was originally going in for head shots and therefore wanted something conservative with some much needed flare. I have been looking to revamp my closet for a minute and a half and I decided that I would take my favorite best practice and really run with it so I tried a few ensembles on and then I left the store…not without putting that gorg blue skirt on hold first though. And when I returned to the store the next day upon coming into some cash-ola I only went for the digs I was really craving.

H&M proved to be the hot spot for my shopping excursion as Forever 21 is becoming too teeny-bopper for me. I mean don’t get me wrong there are still some great finds (like this other sweater I just bought for 50% off) but nonetheless I find myself going in there most often to come out empty handed. Of course they will always be my legging ($3.80) and my tank top ($1.90) store because let’s face it, those prices are a STEAL but the bulk of my efforts are usually unsuccessful. Not to mention they have the heat blasting and you feel like you’ll pass out before you find anything descent anyway. Sheesh! Turn the heat down Forever, what is the matter with you lol, I don’t want to be dying of a heat stroke before I even get through round one of shopping. It does also depend on which location you go to. I have found that I currently enjoy going to the one located in the Fashion Outlets Mall in Rosemont or the one in York Town Mall in Lombard.

However it just continues that H&M is always there for a girl. They have the best sale section EVER! It does not resemble the flea market find that you had to search 3 hours to find or the junk pile selection of rejects that you’ve never seen in stores, EVER. It is always their previous marked down items and they look fresh and great. You really feel confident that you got your bargains worth. (Now I did take a few more outfits into the fitting room but I only remembered to snap a few looks for the blog per Sandra reminding me, so here you have it!)


The first look I liked because it complimented my skin color and it was simply classy; a flow-y shirt dress with just a little bit of its own flare at the top with the pleated collar. Teamed up with my simple chain caused it to create some drama alluding to an edgy look that can be grounded with just the right wedge or strappy heel. Simply stated, I did not get this dress as it was not on sale. Putting out there that I was strictly shopping sale on this visit I wanted to visualize myself in this style. Budget or not this dress was only a whopping $24…which is not too shabby!

The second outfit is by far my favorite. There is just something about the patterns, the dark and bright color of the skirt and the jacket and the relationship it alludes to. I feel that my personality shines through in this outfit because I am equal parts sunshine and awesomeness as I am dark and mysterious. Now I know you are wondering about the deal I took home here, well I got a half a deal in terms of, the skirt belongs to me ($15  originally $27) and well the jacket had some commitment issues, if you will. I mean it couldn’t commit to being half price or lower so I just couldn’t bring myself to entertain the relationship even though I will definitely be sneaking peaks to see if in fact she did get marked down. Ugh, she was SO pretty ya’ll…and I totally could have teamed her up with half the items in what will be my new wardrobe. But I’m not worried cause where there is a will….there is a way and I am all about making way, or room in the name of fashion.

Green is stunning on me! Who knew? Not I of course but Sandra insisted I try the last outfit on. I am partial to jumpsuits because they make them weird for girls with an actual shape. I mean I am small at the top and well rounded at the bottom and rompers are just not made for all that. Surprisingly enough this one was a perfect fit! As well it made me want to plan a vacation to the Bahamas!!! I even fell in love with the tassels and I hate tassels. I will admit that it was a little loose on the top but I was talking to Sandra and decided that with a black bandeau bra it’s the same thing, except I don’t have to feel like I left nothing to anyone’s imagination.

Ladies, in these quick shots you can see that my accessories are simple or rather hardly there and that’s cool. With all these looks you can beef up on the jewelry, grab a designer handbag or knock off, add some sexy stilettos or minimize it to your benefit, occasion or liking. There is no real right or wrong way to address these outfits except to emphasize you! And like always just buy your correct size. I want you to look flattering in your finds, not like a train wreck! There are too many size options to get the right fit that there is no excuse for nonsense so be confident in that 2 or that 22!!  And if you’re feeling unsure of yourself and how you look, remember skinny can look bad too!

But let me know what you think about these looks. Would you wear them? How would you make it personal to your style?


Happy Shopping Lovelies





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