Golden Ticket Mentality

On a road to a place unknown

looking for things that I have yet to discover

a road beyond the place I’ve come

there is nothing to look back into

nor nothing to look forward to

all the things I thought were before me

are in fact alongside of me

moving forward along with me

everything that is yet to be in front of me is here now

passing in every second

all that you have read thus far is in the past

even now

a fancy thing to ponder

that all this time we’ve been flying by lies

the seat of our pants

the tail of the wind

the tenses leaving nothing but tensions

past is gone already

present here on the curtails

of the future and the future left

just barely

in front of our faces

blowing the sweetest of breathes

until in a jet set instant we reach out

and fleeting it has become once more

as we lay in a pool of stream of consciousness

thinking fluidly that the future is this section

a part of time destined for the big bang finale

bro you’ve missed it every second of every day

its been your future and this is what we’ve accumulated thus far

now run like hell and give that magic act your last snap of the finger

if you want go grab it take it and pull it in

start the butterfly effect and let it go

we’re changing its changing and if you’re on it

then you’ve already changed…

somewhere a butterfly flaps its wings; and

clear across the world a hurricane forms

are you the butterfly, the hurricane

or the waiting in between til it occurs

till its too late?

I am both

I will do the work to create the shift

tear it down and start again

every instant of every moment

i may not be there at the end

but a vital part is all i need to be.

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