Joined Forces of A Free Flow


Moving pushing
Everyday I’m hustling
Like I had
A hard knock life

No amends to be made
Recommendations on how
To Get paid

Can’t afford a drink
Sorrows beat to the
Can’t even think
About where my
next meal
Talkin about lunch

Celebrities, please
More like thieves
Enough zeros
Behind commas
To put Chicago hunger and homeless
At ease

Rappers over paid
No talent gained
Most Talkin’ bout nonsense and shenanigans
What about mothers without infamil and diaper bags?
Lost youth, ill education and views?
No one’s standing in the gap, every man for himself as we live life alone battered and bruised.
Comparing and hating, looking for a better muse.

Politicians suck the life….

STEPHANIE (continues…)

Politicians suck the life out of even a dog
Their heads are in a fog,

They don’t even have a platform to run on.
As they stand before us and speak words,

all I hear is gibberish so they’ll never be heard.

When are we going to stop and take a look at ourselves;

If we want to be heard……

ME (continues…)

We gotta stop being the herd.
Gotta stop being the bird
That flies to the north for the winter with a splinter
Of hope that we survive it in the end

Scrambling to make amends
For the part we didn’t play
Snooze button, exercised on repeat till our dying day

War zones and demolition sites
Read us the rights of our citizenship…..

STEPHANIE (continues…)

Who are you to question if I belong
It never bothered you before
When you hired us behind closed doors
So you can pay us lower then minimum wages
because it’s all about the dollars
That Keeps your pockets fat

When I hear that in order for me to get the best
I have to put myself in debt…..


We’re all just dazed and confused. Lord please help me ease this pain. Help me rise up once again. I’m just trying gain my barrings, sore feet swelling as I hobble down these cold, dark street. Slowly swearing. On the grind but i stay on the ground, oppressed, no less, get checked by the po po daily cuz i cant afford to move out of these projects. but one day. yes one morning you will watch me rise. because when they threw me on the ground they didn’t know i was a seed. and like Maya Angelou before me, I will rise.

This was truly an exciting challenge for my fellow poets, writers and ex-pressers. I loved that I was able to pull out the talent of my life! Yes those of you who interact with me on a regular are my life and I know so little about you and your creativity, talent, contribution, thoughts and passions. Among-st plenty of other things that are just the surface of who we all are!! Thank you so much for contributing to my passion and restoring your own. For getting out of your comfort zones and really laying down. Cant wait for whats next!!


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