Not A Salad Eating Chick…

Lets not pretend whats really going on here! I am 32 years old and I am not giving up the lavish things in life…not by a long shot! However it is time to tailor a few things in my life. With that I have taken on a life challenge of getting it right! Now, for those of you who have known me for ages I am pretty blunt and up front and I hate being restricted by pretty much anything. I just wasn’t wired that way, I suppose or my design is one of a kind, lol. My mother always taught us to think for ourselves and that has really stayed with me. I continue to have an open mind about everything but still fit where I feel fit every single day.

That being said I have a bone to pick with dieting! No I am not on a dam diet, nor do I need to be quite frankly, but I am on a path to a life of longevity; one where I can be agile well into my 50’s and so on, and will be able to do anything my heart desires. I am not playing games people, my only request is that I get to do it on my own terms. I like flavor and full meals. I like choosing freely what I want on the menu without a calculator and I don’t want to track it all in a little notebook or on an app. I don’t want to have to make time for that. I have too many tabs open in my mind already and I DO NOT, let me repeat that, DO NOT have room for one more tedious thing to do.

With that, I am just on a clean eating and living challenge! Of course it is tailored and it has some restrictions but they are mine. I know the basics ladies and gentlemen; weight loss is calculated more by what you eat and less by how much you exercise (and for all of you who don’t know what I am talking about here’s the watered down  version: if you eat everything in sight and then go to the gym five days a week, fancy you, you are not going to loose weight; you are just balancing out the two and all that sweat is empty and meaningless) and carbs are bad and calories are important and its all about portion control and brown rice is better than white rice and that’s all perfect! ….As for Angeline, there is going to be some modifications and there should be for you too!

Curious to find out what my healthy eating will look like? Well here it goes: I am going to make sure that I eat constantly through the day i.e snacking. (peanut butter and pretzels, granola bars, fruit cups, raw veggies, plain pop corn, nuts, dark chocolate, yogurt, etc). I want to make sure my metabolism doesn’t get lazy and then it will prevent me from starving into the wee hours of the night when I should be sleeping and not eating. Drink lots and lots of water…now I am truly laughing out loud because that is absurd even for me, but I am going to try it on. More importantly if I want something to drink, ill grab water. I am not going to kid myself that I am going to drink a calculated amount of water a day because then I’ll just set myself up for failure. I am working up to letting my body crave excessive amounts of water daily all on her own. Absolutely NO junk food. If I even consider it junk then its a no no for me! (cakes, candies, all fast food restaurants including pizza (unless its a healthy made pizza at the house), pop/soda, fru fru coffees, juices, etc). And I am not giving my self a cheat day. If I open up that door it is just going to open the flood gates right back where I started from. As well I am taking everything that I consume that may be considered bad, like carbs in moderation. Now that’s just me. And this is my start. And I know me and what I can and can’t handle. And you know exactly who you are, start there with no qualms or reasoning about it or behind it!

But lets get another thing straight as well. No I am not a doctor and no I am not encouraging you to follow my method. I am telling you that what works for one doesn’t always work for the ton and that’s okay for starters but for the main course it doesn’t mean you’ve failed and are doomed to be forever unhealthy or overweight. They say there is always room for dessert and that’s where I come in! Have your cake and eat it too, preferably cheesecake ya’ll lol! But whatever tickles your fancy. You know the basic structure of losing weight and or getting fit, we’ve all tried something or got talked into something or seen or read something about it so just cut and paste what you think you can commit to and get on it!! Find alternative recipes for the food you already love and aren’t willing to give up! I just saw a friend of mine make avocado cheesecake and I LOVE me some cheesecake, but I know its not the best thing on the list, but avocados are an amazing source of good fat, they help control blood sugar, promote weight loss and a smaller waste-line, produces vitamin A and eliminate erectile dysfunction. So see, you can have still have the best of both worlds.

Well that’s the gist of this new transformation that is happening for me in February and moving forward. There will definitely be more to come! I plan on clearing up my skin by way of eating healthier and trying some home made products, developing my communication to live clean in my relationships, improve upon my fitness routine, dress up some old things to create them newly and fall in love with city again and also try on some new things, for a change!


Remeber: Life is a Journey, Lets live it up Party People





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