It’s Time for the Perkolator!

So before you go getting your dancing shoes on and takin’ it back to the good old days, cuttin’ up the rug; I am actually referring to Perkolator, the coffee shop that is! A really great coffee shop that I had the pleasure of visiting with my awesome photographer friend/family Toma just the other day! She was just over the top excited to take me here and I couldn’t wait to see what all the fuss was about. Now of course I enjoy coffee and I adore her, but I just love design so the first thing I noticed was the overall feel of the atmosphere and how its all put together. How things compliment one another and how people fit into the space. This usually happens in 30 seconds and then my first thought forms and it was that the decor alone was just amazing.

This is an picture is an older pic. They have a menu board to the right of the counter with their food choices and behind them is the full beverage synopsis…But you get the idea!


Decked out in vintage  furniture and antique pieces it just feels very cozy and homey. (Not sure if thats a word but hey, it is now!!) They have a great selection of coffee on the menu as well as a food menu. For me that’s pretty freaking awesome, especially because I am always hungry but also because you can kill two birds with one stone. Its like having to leave your warm cozy covers to get something knowing you could just deal with what you got right there. Unfortunately whats usually right there is not the most appealing option; At the Perkolator that isn’t even a problem you can get a beverage and breakfast/lunch all in one spot. So if you are feeling a little famished and are looking to grab something hearty and filling anything on the menu sounds inviting.
Grilled Cheese w/Blue Cheese Slaw, Sausage Egg & Cheese Sandwich, Baconutella and BBQ Peach Iced Tea
I had the pleasure of trying their Peppers and Eggs Sandwich and Toma had their amazing Grilled Cheese Sandwich. We paired those up with a Peppermint Patty lol  (not 100% sure that’s what she ordered) and I had a Chai Tea Latte! Their coffee is an excellent dark roast so if you don’t do well with strong coffee, decaf might be right up your alley considering the decaf is still a little rough around the edges!
Some highlights of Perkolator
 As well there is a record store next door that is accessible through the Perkolator. We didn’t go check it out but what an awesome extension to the establishment. Not to mention the music was a great variety and it was not overbearing to the environment. The moment I heard salsa coming from the speakers I instantly fell in love!! What an inspiring blend of music and culture to go around. There is also a great amount of space for clientele to spread throughout and chat with friends or just pop up your laptop and get some work in. The staff is very nice and friendly and as an interior designer the design was just phenomenal; from the chartreuse on the walls to the hand-painted artwork for sale on the walls per various artist, right down to all the vintage percolators adorning the small book cases and shelves around the interior.
I really enjoyed the connectivity that was present in the space. I could do just about anything in here; read a book, work on my blog, have a meeting, catch up with a friend or two or chill and play board games! Because YES, they have board games…I mean Starbucks has nothing on this place! Yup I said it and beat me or sue me if you want to… I’ll recover in the coziness that is Perkolator.
A few of Perkolators awesome staff!!


Perkolator is located at 6023 W. Irving Park Rd, Chicago IL



Happy Saturday Party People!


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