Empowered Behavior

Ya’ll don’t even know what I have been up to in the empowerment department! Both giving and taking! Yes I said it I have been taking a little something for me too. Honestly, you have to. It can’t be all about them and it most certainly isn’t all about you.

I today I have had some of the best conversations! I spoke with a woman named Sallie while volunteering that told me the origin of her name and the tradition of it being passed down from generation to generation. As well, we spoke on the communications course I took just last week and she was instantly enrolled in the possibility of powerful communication in her life. This came about just by hearing what I got out of the course and the possibilities its opened up for me; not because I wanted to fix her or her communication but because she saw something there for herself!!! I even took a stand in being a guest for her on her last day of completing the course for when she decides to take it on because I cant wait to share in her transformation!!

I had an awesome coffee date that just pushed my business endeavors even further to the surface!! I have amazing family and friends that really do want to support me and are a stand in me achieving all I want for myself and my life. Why? Because they get that by pouring into me they ultimately pour into themselves and that is the greatest reward. That is my legacy, the joy I get out of supporting and creating something beyond us and our wildest dreams! Feeding off each others gifts is amazing because then no resource is unavailable to us.

And I created opportunities to some new people in my life. I have been getting so many compliments in the last few weeks and I have been empowered to take them on. Not shy away from them like I have in the past but actually take them on as a challenge. I have been called Powerful and told that I made someones life so much better just by offering them an opportunity because I listened to what someone else in my life needed and asked of me and I got the job done by connecting them. By doing so I encouraged that same person to be confident even in the scary moments of wanting to grow in their profession while not having a clue how to do so.

I also recognized a friend for who she truly is in my life…a contribution that causes me to step boldly into my greatness every day because while I know I am great I do not always walk in it. I pretend that walking beside it is good enough for me and its not!! I am doing a disservice to myself and others; to my mission, my vision, & my purpose!! Today she told me that she admires me and I got that. I got that she’s raised the bar for me and I have no other choice but to shape up, get on it and over it to the next level. Not just for me and her but for everyone I can physically touch and even those I cannot, but will do so through others by the 3 degrees that separate us all.

….All in a days work Party People! And I didn’t even break a sweat!!
Never underestimate your power and the lives that you can and will touch absent mindedly.

Now go be a contribution! Don’t think just do!


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