Fashion Find Remix

“Don’t tell me not to go shopping, I don’t need that kind of negativity in my life”

Never a truer statement uttered! I mean I just love to buy clothes and accessories, oh and now makeup. That being said you better not tell me I can’t do it because from what I’ve learned, where there is a will there is a way! And I am here to tell you that, the cutting corners way, is practically genius.

I mean have you heard of the Clearance Rack at your favorite stores? (Target for example has one of the best sale sections for clothing yet!) Have you investigated Thrift Shopping (even before Macklamore made it sound cool)? At place like Plato’s Closet or Clothes Mentor, which I have done recently? Or have you waited for promotions and deals at your local stores? If I am being perfectly honest I am tired of spending full price on items that will go on sale within a few weeks (the turn around on fashion trends these days are ridiculous) and beating myself up later for being the dodo bird that just couldn’t wait, in turn saving myself loads of cashola! So now I’ve made it my sole purpose to make a bee line for the sale/clearance rack before I even think to look at a full priced item. Then and only then will I consider a full priced shirt, pant, scarf, shoes or accessory. 


Lets face it, if you are anything like me then nine times out of ten you ‘ just walk into a store looking for nothing! Yes there is that one time I just need to breath in the retail smell for therapeutic reasons or naturally because I’m broke and haven’t gotten paid yet but for the most part I am going to make a purchase. What will the purchase be and how much will I spend are totally different categories but looking into the sale section gives me a chance to scope out what I really came to buy, what I might be compelled to impulse buy, and not feel guilty about indulging a little in my addiction! And you want to hear something crazy? I usually find what I am looking for and don’t even go to anything full priced, get a quality amount of items for a descent price vs a small quantity for the same price, and walk out feeling empowered about my purchase.

Which brings me to Wednesdays little Scavenger Hunt! I have been wanting so desperately to switch up my style and get crazy with my selections. I really want to represent who I am with what I am wearing. Its another canvas for me to express on and inspire others! That being said I have been a little, ok a LOT frugal with my spending due to trying to keep my finances in order. Therefore I have not spent or splurged on a lot of things because I don’t want to create more set back in what I am trying to accomplish with my money. But either way you look at it, depriving myself of my natural, instinctive, pull towards fashion is not going to help me be right with myself and my life! SO of course balance comes into play and I said I can do it, I just have to be better at it! Then it hit me….Thrifting! I need to take on Thrifting as a second religion and devote myself to only shopping those stores and boutiques. And that is just what I did. My first stop was…


Thrifting Picture1.png

Now for those of you who aren’t familiar with Clothes Mentor or Plato’s Closet (i’ll be  highlighting them next) they are not your conventional thrift store. Why? Because they are solely geared towards clothes, shoes and accessories. Also you can sell your lightly used clothing and fashion related items for cash on the spot! So it’s not a donation, and anything they are not taking at that time due to trend or demand for a particular item they give back to you or if you don’t wish to take it back they will donate your items to Goodwill or local charity. How is this not amazing?? I mean I can get money back for things that are taking precedence in my closet and I have no use or desire to keep so I can either use that money to buy more dope finds or save it for a rainy day!

But back to my spectacular finds! At Clothes Mentor I spent a whopping $12.23 for three items. To me that is considered a steal and the best part was that they were in great shape and I got a closet full of some great brands like Banana Republic  (which by the way I never step foot into because I grow broke fogging up the windows looking from the outside in) and Express. Please believe me when I tell you I am seriously in super cheese mode because I can actually say “I got this from BR” and “oh this old top girl, Express no biggie! ” Knowing dam well that in my world those labels are just a dream! How much was the break down you ask? Just look at the photos, details are showcased, but the best part was certain tags were double discounted at 50-70% off!! So a $10 shirt for $5, “yes please….charge it. And hurry up before you change your minds” lol

Right after that I headed down the street to…..


Thrifting Picture2.png

Where I ummmm, fell so truly madly and deeply in love! Oh Savage Garden how you would understand my overwhelming need to cry at these prices and finds! Alright maybe that was a bad reference to a song cause honestly I think they were a one hit wonder?? Alright enough of me dating myself.

I will say I hit the jackpot here. Plato’s was good to me and while it looks like I spent bookoo dollars, I promise you it was worth it! Throwing out a few highlights; the white sleeveless top was $3 ya’ll and that black vintage purse was $6. The most expensive piece was the striped high/low button down but I personally felt it was worth it! Ask me if they had a promo going on as well? Yup they sure did….all of their clearance was $1, but with my expensive taste (yes people, even at the thrift store lmfao), I managed to get NO sale items. Either way I walked out a happy camper and more importantly got some really innovative pieces that I am excited about! Not to mention that I again racked up some legit brands like Forever 21, New Your and Co., and LOFT.

So take it from the fashionista in your life! Don’t think that Thrifting is beneath you or think of it as a chore. I used to do that and that helped me to miss out on so much that I was too blind to see. Of course I am an organized person and a lot of Thrifting is not organized which turns me off. But what I learned on Wednesday is that it is worth the hard work of looking and digging in the end. On any other trip I would not, by the powers vested in me have had a LOFT, or an Express or a dam Republic bag (with any one item in it lol), in my hand.

That being said there are numerous places to go for great deals. A few that come to mind are The Salvation Army or the Goodwill. You can find designer brands or just great pieces that fit your everyday wants and needs. Utilize the full price racks when you need something specific and just cannot find it on the clearance rack. Don’t sell yourself short. I mean who says we cant have it all and shop where we want to without people knowing where it came from? All you need to know is that its Versace Versace Versace lol or some classic Adidas. Also, Consignment stores or Thrift Boutiques like Threads, Etc or Monarch Thrift Store have great finds if you’re more into that vintage feel….although you never know what you might come across even then.

So here is to some savvy shopping Party People!! Don’t forget to share the wealth!!

Links  for some Thrift Store Finds

We Make Resale Hot!


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