Blvd of Broken Dreams No More….

Whats your BIG DREAM?

The one you had when you were 8 and no one could stop you? The one at 18 when you were ready to take on the world? Or now at 32? I am sure they are similar or look familiar or have just evolved over the years. Bet the biggest common denominator between them is that they are all sitting side by side on a shelf, up so high now that they have truly become unobtainable. Yes they are positioned just so for when the tourists come through your life to admire them and drool over the “one day” when they will come to life. That day when Tinkerbell will sprinkle the fairy dust over them because you believed in them enough or your fairy god mother will bippity boppity boo them into reality. Well, I hate to break it to you  though, this is not the case nor the outcome. Why? Because all this time you held the power. That fairy dust has been in your pocket for ages and your fairy god mother is YOU, boggled down by the negativity that you’ve accumulated and held on to for decades.


So what is my BIG DREAM? Well I have many. For me its like a museum of dreams that have yet to see the light of day; from home ownership, financial freedom, entrepreneurship to traveling the world, being connected with an amazing family, living a life fully expressed in communication, finances, health, community! And the dream list continues because for me there is no lid or roof or top to the mountain. I want it all and I want you to have it all too. Cobwebs are a thing of the past and wishing is an old past time that shall not be revisited. I am no longer wishing things were so, I am making them so!

Once upon a time you were a little girl with big dreams that you promised you’d make real one day. Don’t disappoint yourself. #bossbabe

Currently I am in the works of making good on owning a home. It is something I have always wanted because I want a place that me and my family can call our own. A space where there is no cramping or having to deny ourselves the luxury of having all that we want. For instance, having an environment that accommodates our growing family and friends. I love people and I want to be able to share with them everything from loud music to dancing! I want my neice, and nephew and baby/kid cousins to roam freely without shhhshhing them. I also want a lawn and a yard so that they can have the luxury of enjoying the outside safely and aside from restrictions, grand birthday parties and endless BBQ’s. I grew up in apartments my whole life and we were always told not to run because people lived downstairs or to lower the music because the neighbors would hear or call the police!

With that I had created this story about how in the financial class that I am in I could never be a home owner so I put it shiny and beaming on the shelf as something I could look at from time to time and smile upon. Another possibility that would never come to light. Not to mention the student loan dilemma I am facing at the moment and I figured that “of course” I would be rejected because of all the mess that has caused. Well cleaning up my life has exposed me to the tools to get passed those stories and get to the bottom of what is really going on with my dreams and why they aren’t here yet.

I had it all figured out with my narrow minded scope of what is and what it isn’t. I am not a realtor or a lender nor  do I have all knowledge of what goes into and what it takes to own a home. I know they do a credit check but thats’s it and “knowing” just how bad I “think” my credit sucks I have hindered any opportunity of ever owning a home. So I encountered a gentleman in a communications course I took who was a realtor and voiced my concerns. He told me that I was freaking out and making assumptions without even really actually and completely knowing a thing about  where I stood in this situation. So he told me that he would suggest some vendors who could help me asses what was actually there in stopping me from getting a house right this second IF there even was a problem.

Another prominent factor is that I thought I knew how to “clean up” my horrible credit that was so “beyond repair” when in reality I have no clue. I was going to pay everything off and then I’d have it right. But whose to say that even then I would still run into some problems? Well I certainly am not the one to answer that question since I didn’t major in nor do I keep up with the ins and outs of realty and home ownership. Interesting how we want things that we have no clue about and then manifest and create whole worlds around how we know we cant get something on false accusations and knowledge lol! I mean yes knowledge is power but LACK of knowledge can be powerful as well.

All of that to say that I am taking action, and I encourage you to take action on your dreams as well. So ,its off to the vendors to seriously and effectively straighten out what is there potentially holding me back so I can focus on repairing that, weighing my options for affordable home ownership and saving to obtain that so I can get closer to the fun stuff! Which consists of the details: number of bedrooms, size of the yard, one or two car garage, pool or no pool, options to expand on my property ,etc!

Another thing to consider is this is just a foundation for how to start dreaming while you’re awake more than when you are sleeping and disappointed later that it isn’t whats so right here and now. Also I am not waiting for this dream to come to life while the others sit and wait patiently, I am taking them all on. Time waits for no one and while you’ve had this much time to allow your dreams to collect dust, once you know what action means in your en devours you discover that waiting is a set back and a hindrance in and of itself . So take a suggestion or two from your younger self and leap…don’t look, just do and just like the little version of you and me…we can always clean it up later if it doesn’t quite work out the first time. Besides you are all dirty and scuffed up already anyway with nothing to show for it so why not make a few mistakes that lead you to the magical and very real possibility of getting everything you wanted yesterday, still want today and can enjoy tomorrow: not one day or some day!



“Be stubborn with your dreams, but flexible with your methods”


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