Moments of Distruction

Hustle hard

Hustle hustle real hard

Living a life of a misdemeanor

Mediocre lifestyle

Pushing the envelope bruh

Fight hard, die hard,

Never back up, down, or lose heart son

Cant wake up in these streets

Starving for the meat and potatoes

While escaping the heat mon’

Day by day driven, only to be let down love

I had a better dream, a better scheme

New and improved life of the dream love

Didn’t say it would be easy

Should have looked at the label

No Cover Girl promise, No beautiful, easy breezy

Product of a brain broken

level headed levels

in the drains

gutter sifting; blisters emerge

through a bucket of pains


In a side strained

by a line secured with a handful of hidden grenades

Will I ever feel the same?


Sittin’ in a parkin’ lot, suckin’ on a lollipop

On a porch vibein to that old school hip hop

7 years old

I never feel ashamed

Fast forward blame

In a vessel helped molded

Unfolded in front of a scenery

(layers caked on deep)

Showcasing this picture painted Misery



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