I am Enough….

I am completely and utterly approving that you feel yourself, think you’re on 10, switch up your look periodically or daily, toot your own horn and shout how amazingly awesome you are from the rooftops!!

I have been obsessed lately with switching up my look and what can I say I am falling in love with myself regularly. Now mind you while I have come a long way in accepting myself, my beauty, my personality and my way of being it doesn’t mean I don’t still have work to do! But I am going to have fun while I am doing it. There is no real rule book people so get on with it! Read the script or don’t its just a guide line at the end of the day not the begin and end all to your whole life’s story.

I had conversation with a friend the other day which inevitably led to self esteem and valuing myself as a woman. And given I felt some type of way about it (which I am entitled to) I got what he was saying to me because I do not value myself. Especially when it comes to men and relationships. His precise words were “that is one of the most unattractive things about you” and then proceeded to apologize for being blunt and up front. Now I could have gotten mad but I didn’t I let it be what it was in the space and really listened and heard what he said. It is unattractive to be honest with myself and it does put me in a place of bitterness and resentment where I beat myself up and stow myself away in a hand crafted state of the art unbreakable prison.

Of course I thanked him for his honesty cause whats the point of having people in your life or bettering your self to withstand the difficult shit if you can’t be honest? Plus I don’t have time to waste on beating around the bush. Truth will be the last reason I stop being friends or interacting with you. I like my sugar on my donuts, in my coffee, over my cereal, in my pie but NEVER wrapped around the truth.

Therefore I am working on it!!! I am not going to learn how to live a secluded life because the things that my heart desires don’t seem available to me. Nor will I sell myself short because the man for me has not been created yet or introduced into my hemisphere. Nor will I take away from what God created me to be beautifully piece by piece. I will no longer put myself in positions where it is easy to plead victim. I’m taking responsibility for valuing myself because if not me then who?

Don’t sell your self short at the expense of yourself

-This Urban Beauty





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