Revved Up!

OMG I am so revved up about going to the gym that I just CANT! And whatever, call me a lame for being one of those “gym posters” but I could honestly care less. I have been wanting to get back into the gym for so long that I honestly thought it would never happen again. But it has and thats awesome, for me anyway.

So I have officially been to the gym 4 days and while that looks like nothing I have completely been feeling the burn. On the first day we did arms and the very next I thought they were going to fall off. Bahahaha, thank God they didn’t but woah was work a feat in itself seeing as I couldn’t lift anything above my head or reach down.

I felt like a freakin Barbie! Which some might think is just spectacular it was nothing of the sort. Try putting on your sports bra or pulling on or off your shirt. Nope it was not a pleasant ordeal. Nonetheless I recovered and then we moved on to legs and cardio and abs and we were rockin it out, but that last day we did weighted squats and OHHHH BOY was that a mistake! After the squat bar we did some other leg work on various machines. Mind you we were already beat and feeling fatigued but we pressed on.‪#‎nopainnogain‬

Screw that. Come Tuesday I was walking like I had wooden legs that wouldn’t bend and I was sore even to the softest touch. Picking anything off the floor was a joke and sitting on the toilet was like a fate worse than death. Getting in and out of the car was nearly impossible and driving well, stop/go traffic was a B%*#! (don’t believe me check my main page to see all the meme’s I posted about it, lol) Come Thursday I just couldn’t take it anymore and decided to rest. Thankfully I woke up to minimal pain and soreness. However, the buck does not stop there because I want to continue building that ideal body!

No matter how hard. DONT GIVE UP! And create what you’re doing as a lifestyle so it doesn’t end up feeling like a chore. Also scoop up a friend so that you aren’t alone and you can motivate one another it so much more fulfilling! (You’re AWESOME Samantha) Me + Gym = New Way of Life. And remember, working out is not enough. In order to maintain a healthy body you must also eat clean. Don’t know how? Well let me introduce you to my friend Pinterest! She’s got all the what to do’s for you. ( ) While there also check out my board, Fitness Ninja.

-This Urban Beauty




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