Transformed Living

So I was in a little bit of a car accident this past Wednesday and my photo choice sums it up pretty well. I survived! It was more scary than anything as I was shaking a little in my car afterwards. It all happened so fast really. I was coming off the ramp to transfer over to the other highway (I have no idea about directions y’all so where I was isn’t important in this moment) when I slid off the road and spun around into a ditch.

Key parts of the incident is that again I survived with NO injuries, Janelle was left unscathed except for her front bumper getting detached a little and a ton of mud on her tires and her belly. As well I didn’t get any tickets nor did I have to have my car taken to the tow company!! I did however have to get pulled out of the ditch per the tow truck and was out $100. Which in all my car years has been the cheapest situation I’ve been in.

That being said for me the best part was that I did not FREAK OUT, HAVE A MELTDOWN, or BEAT MYSELF UP for whatever took place! I was cool calm and collected and everything turned out perfectly. I swerved off the road, a gentlmen stopped (cause the other assholes didn’t) and made sure i was okay and called the police (even though he was on probation and could have gotten in trouble), both Burr Ridge and the State Police were friendly and concerned (rarity for suburban police), My bill was inexpensive considering, I got to drive away without any damage to my car and no ticket!!! ‪#‎GodisGood‬

Only embarrassing moment was when the tow came and I had to get out of my vehicle in the swamp where I had landed (soft ass mud and smuck) still stuck on LEG DAY!!!!!! Lord Jesus was it a sight to see me remove myself from my car on such unstable grounds but the awesome bearded, tattooed, nice looking tow guy aided me in getting out!!! ‪#‎winning‬

Also as a side note: Suburban Cops are so much nicer to look at and resemble hollywood police, unlike the the old fat ones here in the city. I have yet to see a nice looking cop in Chicago……..


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