A Little Help for Your Friends

You have no idea how important this is. As humans we are so complex and we are not particularly known to spread all of our business into one person. Or at least if you know how to do it right you are not thrusting your precious heart across the universe on a regular basis. As I know there are just some individuals that you connect with on different levels and I get that. No hard feelings and no jealousy or disrespect felt. That being said I know you go through or have experienced all areas of life’s bumps and road blocks at one point or another, whether it be to the extreme or something minor. I want you to know that i feel for you ion those moments to and love you even when you feel you cant come to me for that particular thing. I care regardless and stand in the gap for you when you think there is nothing worth standing for. We should build each other up regardless if we can see it, are there for it, or understand it. I hope my friends no that even when I disagree with you, I tell you because I care no matter what you decide.

Disclaimer: If you don’t pray that’s fine. Send a good word via text, reach out with a call and make someone laugh, schedule that lunch you keep missing, or like someones post. You never know how the little things can mean so much to someone going through something they cannot put into words.

-This Urban Beauty


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