Dominion by Penelope Grace


Holding the book in my hands was an experience in itself, especially the cover art. I was really excited to delve into it just for the simple fact that it seemed to speak to me on so many different levels. Also, like with most things, it transported me to the time I read Angels and Demons. If this was going to be anything like that then I would surely be hooked!!

I promptly read the summary and was further intrigued. But I’ll admit; as I read the beginning and got familiar with Jess I wasn’t all that impressed. Now, before you think this is a book slam it actually isn’t. With that, like with writing there must be an element of building upon. Whether that be a character, a moment, a sequence of events. My unwavering tactic when reading or watching a movie is you’ve got to give it a fair chance. That’s the hour rule with movies and three chapters (depending on how long or short the chapters are) rule with books. Bringing it back to the story I liked Jess and I thought, hey she seems to be a promising character with a little bit of predictability in her story. However she was relatable and despite the things she had to endure at such a ripe age many of us would have taken on her attitude. The other characters were humbling and fit into this new world of Jess’s perfectly. Nothing really stood out of the ordinary and it was apart that the need for familiarity to the reader was needed.

All skepticism aside, by Chapter 4 I was in it for the long haul.I couldn’t wait to get home to finish ready the next chapter and lets just say my sleeping fell off even more. But just like when you ride a roller coaster the inching to the top can get comfortable after three or four rides but its that drop that really gets you and what comes after.It felt like so much was going on with the characters in Jess’s life that you wanted to slow down just a little to gain some sense of gravity but it was just not enough because there was too much at stake and so little time to get it all in. The author did a great job with this and still kept us grounded with where we were in the story which character we latched onto in relatedness and just what these people were up against. No time for candy coating anything, when the clock is ticking. Another element I enjoyed was the guessing of happenstances between characters, who was interested in who, how the parental relationships played out and tying the main characters past in with the calling of her future. I was left, overwhelmed and excited, concerned and surprised, and not the least bit deflated or at a loss for story line or flow.

However, there was one huge elephant in the room that stood out above all else and that was how biblical Jess’s world was becoming. I was concerned that for me I was going to somehow get schooled on  how God and church is the begin and end all of the world. Now  this coming from someone who believes in God and used to go to church. Someone who prays and has faith that we are destined to serve a greater purpose, but I do have limits on how far I’ll go in projecting my belief and how much Religious pressuring I can and will submit to. Besides we all know its a fine line to walk when voicing our opinions on such things or offering a little bit of opened minded belief. Not that you shouldn’t be vocal but it can be a sensitive topic that can hider people from getting true and valuable  quality out of the material being presented. Dominion is a piece of art that tethered story to religion beautifully. I was not bombarded with religion and sacrifice and tradition and this is how its done…final answer. I actually learned a few things about Christian religion in a new, positive and transformed setting. Looking outside the fact that I am Christian and that I have my beliefs I left smiling at this stunning portrayal of religion as something that is greater than us, that has the authority to command us in a profound light whether you believe in God or not or take on religion. For some of us its the “Universe” and for a long time for me it was the “Powers that Be” (I think I got that from Buffy the Vampire Slayer) but whatever it is for you this book does not by any means make you feel hesitant or  uneasy. This book showcases the Bible and Christian living amplified to an exponential level.

By Chapter 12 I was in a tizzy sitting on the edge of my unseen chair, the side of the bed in my case,  with complete mixed emotions. I knew it was going to be over but I wasn’t ready, Jess had to choose and then her hand went into the cup and…………

Did you really think I as going to give it away?? You should know better than that.

Pick up your copy of Dominion by Penelope Grace through Amazon here:

Once you’ve read it please come back and lets have a discussion before the second half comes out!


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