Learn to Love what You Hate!


Have you ever been at a blank space in your life? Not quite limbo but yet you’re yearning for something that is literally right around the corner and if you just knew what it was that would throw you over the edge you’d be on to something great? Well that’s where I currently am and I am unsure what to do about it. It’s that grey area everyone is always talking about. That middle ground where you’re stuck deciding whether or not you should go left or turn right to come full circle. For the first time in a long time I know what I am looking for in more ways than I ever have and I definitely know what I want. Yet still my surroundings still appear exactly the same.

I show up newly and in a matter of minutes I often find myself feeling and looking and being the same and sometimes I feel like I haven’t changed at all. As if I’m living through someone else’s filter that is almost my own but the sleeves are too short and the shoes fit a little too snug on one foot. So what do you do with that? I want to be bold in my boldness and am coming into my own but somehow it’s not feeling different although it looks entirely different on the inside. I am standing in my confidence and I am going after the things I want but I just don’t know how to  pin it all down. Its like that movie Twister where they keep trying to  get close enough to tame the tornado in order to study and read it. I have so many things I can offer and that I want to do, but haven’t mastered anything at all.

And the truth is I need to choose one thing and run with it for now! I have to set all other things aside in order to precisely shape and mold one item on the list, otherwise I’ll continue to miss out on the things that I really need to do to build my life’s dream. I am a visionary and I want whatever I manifest to come to light. I don’t want it sitting on a crowded shelf getting dulled down by other peoples lost hopes. But again, where do I start?

Interestingly enough I believe I’ve found the answer! I am again partnering with Landmark to broaden and build an unrecognizable, amazingly accurate, unstoppable,  beyond the imagination possible future for myself and my life. I have taken on a community project in their  Self Expression and Leadership Program and it is allowing me to see my life as a whole with me and everyone else I care about in it tangibly. In the past I was looking to do it all on my own and thinking that those people who are in my life played no part and if they did, clearly had no say so. Boy, was I wrong…and lets just say that NEVER happens lol! All feelings aside, I was encouraged to take on a larger than life project that I was one hundred and twelve percent passionate about and committed to changing or improving for the people around me. Mine happened to fall in and around the school system. Taking a class every week I am getting familiar with distinctions that have catapulted me out of the waters of comfortableness. I am communicating with people that I never would have thought I could or that would listen. I am getting connected with new people and friends I had no idea shared my same passions or beliefs on the school system and how it educates our young people, and just aware of others who have projects going on that relate to making a difference in the lives of human beings so that they can be launched into transforming their means and receiving the most benefit from them.

On Tuesday I met Jose, who is a Financial Planner. A great guy who has his hand in the schools right now and is teaching students and their parents about Finance and what they mean and how they work and what they can do for us and how at the end of the day we control them and they do not have to control us, unless we let them. Providing resources to young people that you cannot place a value on leaves me speechless. His reason for doing this work speaks volumes because he has experience attached to it and he knows what it means to be on the negative end of such a crucial aspect of our lives. And by way of his journey and who he works for now he was able to see the light at the end of the tunnel and even further wants to share it with others, but also the sons and daughters who will soon have big roles to play in their own lives and in their world. So, of course that is something that I want to contribute to and be a part of. Not just because there is such an incredible need for this education in schools among-st my generation but for every single human being on the planet who didn’t have the luxury of truly being equipped with life’s vital nuggets, like the basic fundamentals of finance.

Therefore, when the opportunity presented itself, I knew that this was something I didn’t just want to try on but really wanted to wear to the red carpet and show off. Have I been approached before with offers such as this? Of course I have (Amway, Mary Kay, etc) but those didn’t work out for me and I think I figured out why today sitting with Jose. Its because I like to get to the heart of the matter and no matter which way you spin it, our finances are the heart of the matter. The main reason we say we don’t do things is because we don’t have the money; the funds, the budget, or the savings to go through with that vacation or that business venture or even that trip to the movies with friends. I know what its like to have no money, living paycheck to paycheck trying to make ends meet. Wondering how there is so much month and not enough money to go around and I want to be in business where I can help people like myself see that there is life after financial crisis, after all the bills get paid and even before, and most defiantly in your future which is right now.

The other thing I’ve learned from my meeting is that time is the other thing in our way. But I also discovered a valuable occurrence in my life. I always wondered why companies like Amway or Mary Kay were attracted to me or rather why I attracted them. I never thought I was the business type (whatever that means), but I also noticed that people would either tell me I’d be great in sales or that they thought that that is what I did for a living. And I am not talking about the retail sales associate titles I’ve held throughout my career of job hopping. With that Jose asked me one simple question which I usually get choked up on when asked in interviews, which is “where do you see your self in the long-term…next 5yrs, 10yrs, 20yrs down the line”. My go to response in my head as I am freaking out and hyper ventilating was I DON’T KNOW, I mean who am I to dream big and how dare I have this elaborate plan in place that is just going to manifest itself out of nowhere with no financial grip or pennies to rub together.

If I were being completely honest all the times I were asked, I’d probably have said “in the same place I am now; struggling” with a heavy heart and defeat soaked on my face. Guess what? I am that person still stuck and debilitated by her finances. But I didn’t show up the same this time. I said I want to own my own business and I want to have complete freedom and control over my money and my time. I want to travel and know that if I need to I can still work from wherever I am at, I can spend time with the family I have without asking someone first and with no hindrance on the family I want to create, but most of all I want to be able to give that to others.

For me those other businesses made it seem like I was asking something of someone who honestly couldn’t afford it or could get it somewhere else. By “it” I mean a product, a product that is sold everywhere in almost any store, that any six people can get and its not tailored to you, nor does it really hold any value at the end of the day. With this new opportunity I can truly be the possibility that everyone around me lives a financially free life.  With this opportunity I am offering something tailored to just that individual as a person because no one has the same exact unique money plan; or better yet, no one has the exact same dreams, hopes and values another would have on their life if they were free from the chains of financial guilt, resentment and regret. I want to help people design a new future for themselves and their lives, and those lives include everyone you hold dear.

Finding where you want to be does not come easy. As we were not equipped with the essentials and tools for living our life powerfully and one that we can truly love and indulge in. I have come a long way from my walk in the dessert and I am rebuilding and I am taking on those things that may not be comfortable for others around me but I don’t care. My life is mine and I only get one. I can be a contribution or a hindrance and I have played my tiny violin til the strings fell off and even then tried to hold tight. Whatever is, is and whatever isn’t, isn’t. There are no make wrongs there is just what leaves you smiling and satisfied at the end of your days! So go out there and be the change, show up as a new empowered, loving, self expressed version of you and take on what you know the world needs and is desperately looking for because we are all looking for something you just have to make sure its the right one for you to spread the news about. I never would have thought I would even consider going into Finance as a career choice and here I am because you are the best at what you know by living and experiencing it regularly and then being the advocate for turning your world around and touching the lives of others.


Go Get Your Dream,

Cant wait to share more on this!





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