The Percentage Factor




This says it ALL!!

Making good on the promises you made to yourself regarding your money is the key and the ticket outta debt and onto savings and investing in your financially free future today and not Someday or one-day down the line. I mean do you keep telling yourself that you have all this time in the world to get it right and then before you know it your kids graduating college and there is no college fund. Or your son is getting married and as much as you want to pay for his wedding that savings account is dried up and a community of spiders have taken over? Or even worse what if something were to happen to you and there wasn’t anything left to ensure that your loved ones were taken care of for your sake and theirs? What would life be like for you in those moments? If you ask me; pretty scary, uneventful and sad. 

So the question is how do you prepare ahead of time so that those instances aren’t so overwhelming for you? Well, it involves manning up, throwing caution to the wind, jumping over that hurtle and diving head first into that 20% of mastering the details and getting conscious and confident in the formula so that it becomes consistent and effective without you even thinking about it. I’m told it takes 21 days to make or break a habit and I was also informed that the first three days are the hardest, but with the right tools, mindset, support and your goals in front of you there is a recipe for success. Personally, I show up that if I don’t know the outcome of something I get fearful or doubtful, but I also realized that as long as I have a plan or the formula then I can put myself at ease because there are guidelines and footprints to follow. Now everyone’s financial plan will be different because we are all unique and have different dreams on our shelves to cook up but having a framework can ease some of that distress .

So take the time to get knowledgeable around what that diagram  looks like and what it actually takes to honestly and truthfully control your money (not letting it control you) and then your behaviors on the matter will change. They will morph into a new way of being in and around it. The 20% you learn is meant to stay with you, its meant to come up at a moments notice to guide you and  alleviate some of that discomfort that may return when things aren’t as clean cut. It is not meant to hinder you or overwhelm you into thinking you still don’t got it or there’s some super code that only a chosen few can crack.  In turn, once you’ve mastered that 20%  it will also empower you to then assist others in raising financial literacy across our communities and impact the world. We need that victory, not only for ourselves either, but for the greater good.

Believe me when I tell you, I know what it’s like to feel hindered or at a loss around this topic off conversation; helpless and embarrassed even, but it’s nothing to feel ashamed of. It happens and, so what, it happened to you; but it takes a strong brave soul to acknowledge that it’s time to make a difference.

Again, I have struggled with finances greatly and now I’m viciously taking a stand to alter what that has looked like for me for so many years….

and then, I will pay it forward!

‪Its never too late to begin anew


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