Passion Paradise

Passion Paradise
So, before anyone gets bent out of shape! Okay well maybe just me, considering pink is not my favorite color nor am I a fan of it by any means. I will make one or two exceptions to the rule at times, but overall I didn’t want to be so hard on the hue in the big wide world that is fashion. That being said, I have learned that no matter what shades you prefer or would rather do without, if you are a true lover of craze then you should be able to get past your initial likes and dislikes and create an outfit worthy of the color itself!
That being said I chose this dress for its silhouette and the simplicity that it brings. The cut is not abrasive and the array of shades of pink that it offers speak volumes for the overall cut of the dress. With that I decided to take the color that was the most minimal to  highlight on the shoes and broke up any over use of the color with the bold black and white floral purse with slight hints of blush. The gold chain gives it a rugged look that I find breathable and it allows those earrings and necklace a backdrop to sit!

And for this reason; you can sip your latte with a little more ease knowing that you did not just get dressed in a matchy matchy boring outfit! Especially if bold colors and patterns are not your thing! Lets face it, even if you ARE drinking regular coffee in that stylish Starbucks cup, the world would never know!

Elie Saab red sleeveless dress
$670 –

Gianvito rossi pumps

White cross body purse
$11 –

Yves saint laurent jewelry
$475 –


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