Sophisticated Chic

Sophisticated Chic
This outfit is just liquid gold! I mean the work place can feel so stuffy and stale at times….who are we kidding? All the time and that just doesn’t make sense. For one I feel that the idea of work itself, even if you love your job, is something that has developed a negative connotation and usually doesn’t sit well with most people. I am constantly hearing about how people wish they had a different job or a better job or that work was simply more fun! Well why not create that for yourself with how you show up to work??
I have recently entered a new job which I am hoping turns into a career path! As well it is looking like one of the few great jobs I’ve had in my career of working (yes that is a job in itself!) and it makes me  happy to go into the office everyday. I promise there is no eject buttons or trap doors or faulty floors! Whatever is behind door number 2 is yours and then some. I have my own cubicle and the cafeteria is awesome sauce! The other bonus is I get to dress how I want, and best of all that means business casual with jean Friday thrown in for good measure!
With that in mind I can recreate the boring pant suit or skirt into something uniquely me and inspiring to my co-workers. And if nothing else that is my cup of tea! I get to be me AND fill someone with the urge or ability to do or feel something that they wouldn’t normally venture out to do! So take the staple of the pencil skirt (or your best pair of slacks) and team it up with a lace tank or a ruffled blouse. I would then suggest getting really outside the box with those amazing shoes in a different pattern or color and hit the morning commute. Don’t forget those nails either, they are the perfect way to add some flare, just remember to bring a sweater or a nice blazer with you in those summer months in case you have to tackle a board meeting or are having drinks with the big shots after hours. You definitely want to be YOU as well as make a good impression when full on duty calls!


Lace crop top

Louche high waist skirt
$36 –

Clear glasses

Nail polish

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