Just like the quote states above I created this look to showcase that no matter what your passion for fashion is, you should go after it! And I mean that in the most uninhibited sort of way because if not you then who? I will say that not all things we think are good have the happiest of endings, but I encourage you to try! That’s right, figure out the coordination of such bold pieces and ask for feedback. Before I was super cool in my fashion sense I would dress up at home when I had nothing to do and live in outfits for a couple of hours and see what worked and what didn’t. That being said I found that it was extremely liberating to wear polka dots with stripes for 2 hours and then decide that it wasn’t the best idea before venturing outside my apartment.

Figure it this way… some things you’ll want to wear but no better! Like I know that baby doll tops and dress are not perfectly suited for me because I do not have the chest capacity to pull them off. High crew neck tees are not flattering and well beige and me, while I’d like us to be better acquainted don’t always see eye to eye!

This look however is genius, I feel it promotes the right amount of class and sass! The billowy bright burgundy blouse with the subtle but chic flats really calls to an elegant point. And for accessories I feel you can get away with almost anything if you tie it back to one or two of the colors present in the entire ensemble. I left the bottom half of this set up to your personal liking because I feel that it can be so versatile. Dark denim jeans, black slacks, Cut-offs or shorts would give this sassy little number a run for its 5 o’clock happy hour appeal!

Anna October crop top
$505 –

MANGO mary jane shoes
$18 –

OPI nail polish
$16 –

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