Pretty Powerful, Color Codes

Color Codes


Omg! this is the most amazing thing in the world right now!! Color, color and more color!! I just love being able to express myself in a way that captures all sides of my personality! I especially love it when I can even sneak in a piece or two that I wouldn’t normally find myself gravitating to but am intrigued to make it work despite my inner introvert getting the best of me.

Here,  I decided that there was no limit to what was possible. Obviously there is an array of colors and patterns that don’t necessarily fit into just one scope or realm but I figured why not have a casual dinner get together meet a dance party? The title of this mock up suggests that there should be some kind of way that design should fit into a space with codes and regulations and rules to follow, but clearly that is not the case because look at the definition that all of these genres and elements bring to the table. Of course you want your grounding or staple member that ones the space, but you also want room to play!

The choice to use the dark side chair was more so what I used as inspiration. It has those curved features and a color that can be translated to any space after you get bored with the general scheme of your room. I find that it also added just a hint of sexiness with its smooth, sleek posture. This was definitely not my immediate response but it definitely broke up the country feeling of the couch I chose for this particular environment. I almost kicked the country bumpkin out on the curb, but was curious to see how the two focal furniture elements would hold up against one another! With anything you do, I say push the envelope because you never know what goodness you might achieve!

That being said I am one who likes to be able to set anything down at a moments notice without having to examine the entire room for a place to deposit my things! Then there’s my love of a good book or that great cup of tea and a throw you want to curl up with on those fall days, so you need some place to rest those possessions. Therefore, I did a play on mixing and matching end tables and lamps that cross referenced the two unique sitting areas in the space tying it all together as a whole so you don’t lose the story being told. While there are separate themes happening in the space your main goal should be to achieve a unified look and that means dabbling in introducing one type of design schematic with another…arrange marriage the two for lack of a better phrase.

Last but not least I just went crazy with the accessories! I chose an assortment of blues with a green curtain base to highlight the couch. I peekaboo ed a hint of orange as an accent color, as well as some patterned pillows and threw out the idea of a mustard yellow hue on the walls, bringing back that teal as well to bring the room back to a neutralized comfort level!

I really hope that you enjoyed this room design as much as I did. Remember there is nothing wrong with thinking outside the box. Everything is possible, its just how you position it and put it all together that creates a space you can be proud of and wowed with day to day. And if you’re someone who has difficulty making small talk then have your space do it for you! Be bold and powerful with your choices and let your environment do all the talking for you. Your guests, family and friends will wonder what your inspiration was or who you hired to create your space! How awesome would it be for you to open up and start with, “it was all me”! And then go into detail about how much fun it was to create a space you love, because you spent time on it and it reflects who you are as an individual! They say first impressions are everything, no one said it had to come from you first though!

Happy Designing!


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